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Oh! So you bribed the keeper of the map? Well, let me tell you. He fooled you! There is no treasure or map here! But! I can give you a hint on who you can talk to. But I warn you! This treasure is a place not for chickens! You need to enter Oslos most haunted places and meet the citys most horrible stories. Are you up for it?

Ok! Go to the grandiose street of Christiania. Between bridge and farmer, where the ships of land goes to shore and the church throws a shadow upon you. You will find the pirate sign, but you must go to the barrels they left on the sideway. Do you dare to go there when it's dark? Go a head, I will be there to help you.

Go and find the place with the barrels. When you are there, click on the chest down under to start the hunt:



Click the chest when you are at the right place


Too hard? Here are some help/clues

Hint 1

"Stor" is norwegian for Big/Grandiose

Hint 2

"Bru" is Norwegian for Bridge, and a "Husmann" is a farmer. 

Hint 3

Ships bring people from
A to B. What else do
the same?

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