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Eigher if you are a Pirate, Sherlock Holmes or just an Indiana Jones twin, will you be the one to find the treasure? These scavenger hunts are taken place in Oslo and we invite you to explore new sights of the urban beauty. See Oslo in a unique way! Create new memories with your kids. See Oslos coolest bars with your friends, walk through history and haunted places, steal someones heart on a date or simply enjoy a nice walk alone! While you solve puzzles! Everyone who finds the treasure is in the run to win "Treasure of the month" with gifts and cool stuff to enjoy!

Enjoy the hunt at whatever times suites you!



A nice sunday walk with your dog or an afternoon activity with your pack? No matter the age, this treasure

hunt suites everyone!

See Oslo in new eyes while using all your senses and solving puzzles. Will you manage to get all the way to the treasure? You might want some help!

Guaranteed fun and the best way to experience the city.



No pirate goes on a treasure hunt without a bottle of rum!

This is an evening scavenger hunt for the drunken sailor. Get to know the most unique bar concepts, cool clubs and best hangouts in Oslo. Enjoy the bar to bar scavenger hunt alone or in the company of your friends. 



The little fairy have lost her treasure, maybe you can help her find it?

This scavenger hunt is for the small pirates. On the phone they will meet - see and hear-  the characters on their journey. This is a fun, activating adventure, where the children uses their eyes and ears.

Both parents and kids will learn new things about Oslo and have a wonderful adventure together.



This is only for the brave! Scavenger hunt in Oslos most haunted areas! 


How come people report sounds of canons shooting in the midle of the night at the fortress? How come people see the same black dog at the same exact area, for hundreds of years? An who was in fact the unknown, murdered, Plaza woman?


Do you dare to hunt this treasure after midnight?



A treasure hunt in the romantic and rustic streets of Oslo. A lovely walk where you also get to know eachother better. While looking for the treasure, you will get questions to answer about eachother.

If it is your first date, or your 15th anniversary, you will still enjoy this romantic walk.

e you stealing the treasure
or each others heart?



Every month there is a new scavenger hunt. So that you can enjoy new parts of Oslo and learn more about our beautiful city!

Also, it will help to gain the chance of winning the big price of the month!

Stay tunes!

Next hunt comes in May

Escape Room Items


Pick a scavenger hunt

Choose atreasure hunt route above. To get the first hint of where the treasure is, you must bribe the pirate who keeps the map. 


When you have paid you receive the first clue. Follow this clue!

Bring your mobile cellphone (with internet) and go hunt! 

You might need google or to ask some people along the way! Most routs are in walking distance, but you can also use "Ruter" to travel by collective transportation.


Find the clues

Are you a Sharlok Holmes, a pirate or Indiana Jones? Anyhow, go find the clues. Solve puzzles or find the right elements to unlock the clues.

Along the way you will experience the city's beauty and discover urban beauty you did not exist.


The different hunt routes have different estimated duration. But these may vary based on your ability to solve or if you want to take breaks to enjoy the walk!

You might wanna use google or ask people among the way.


Find the treasure

All the pirates who mange to find the treasure will be granted some surprises. Also they are in the run to win the big treasure of the month! This is full of amazing gifts and  surprises

It does not matter which treasure you are hunting. But by doing more treasure hunts during the month you will have a bigger chance of winning!

Remember to match the number of people in the payment with the number of people who find the treasure!


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